Importance of EU REACH compliance

Importance of EU REACH compliance

Importance of EU REACH compliance

It would not come as a surprise to know that every product on the shelf contains chemicals in one form or the other. Be it cosmetics or cleaners, everything is a result of specific chemistries that combine multiple elements together. But, with the rampant use of chemicals in all products, how can one assess the safety for daily use?

To ensure the safety of these products for the consumer and the environment, REACH comes into the picture. REACH is a regulation of European Union that stands for Regulation, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It aims to improve the protection of human health and environment from risks that can be posed by chemicals. REACH applies to all products…right from cleaners and cosmetics, to paints, clothes, furniture, etc.

The role of REACH is mainly to-

1. Assess the risks and safety of substances reaching end users.

2. Devise regulations for the protection of human health and environment.

3. Promote alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances to reduce animal testing.

4. Make manufacturers responsible for safe use of substances.

REACH  identifies and implies regulations on the following roles:

1. Manufacturers
Any company making, using, or supplying chemicals has responsibilities under REACH.

2. Importers
Anything purchased outside EU/EEA right from chemicals, raw materials, to finished products like clothes, furniture, plastic goods, etc. should comply with REACH.

3. Downstream users
Companies using chemicals in industrial or professional activity should follow REACH protocols.

4. Companies established outside EU
Companies outside EU are not bound by REACH obligations. However, if importer doesn’t want to take the responsibility then companies based outside the EU can appoint a European based “Only Representative” to take over the task and responsibilities of importers for complying with REACH.

As a manufacturer, Neelikon understands the importance of safety for the environment and the user. Hence, as a responsible supplier, we have appointed an “Only Representative” to fulfill the product portfolio as REACH compliant and is safely exported to multiple countries across the globe.

After all, even in colours, safety comes first!

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